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Mobilfunkbetreiber Digicel will in Bougainville auf lokal produzierten Sprit aus der Kokosnuss umsteigen

Juli 15, 2008

PAPUA New Guinea could be the first country in the world to have its mobile phone networks powered by coconut fuel.
Irish company, Digicel, is carrying out trials on Bougainville amid growing concerns about soaring fuel prices and global warming threats.
The trials are being carried out at one of Digicel’s towers in Lontis on the far north of Buka Island.
Digicel began operations on Bougainville in March this year and contracted a Buka-based engineering firm owned by businessman Matthias Horn, to carry out the trials.
The pilot project is expected to run for about three months.
Digicel Pacific’s chief operations officer Fiona McGloin lauded the initiative, saying “if it is successful we are planning on rolling out more sites operating on coconut oil fuel.”
“By using coconut oil as an alternative fuel source, Digicel is contributing to a safer environment as well as opening up opportunities for a new fuel market where coconut oil fuel can be sold both nationally as well as on the international market as an alternative environmental friendly fuel source,” she said.
“Digicel is also anticipating that copra producers on the island stand a great chance of benefiting from the project.”
Ms McGloin said Digicel was also experimenting with other environmental friendly power sources such as solar power to run the mobile radio sites.
Mr Horn said there was great potential for coconut fuel to be developed as a viable alternativefuel source.
“There is a clear potential for coconut oil to become a better product to use than fuel in PNG,” he said.
“It is an environmental friendly product and in light of the current fuel price it is a cheaper alternative.
“Furthermore it is a good product for PNG since coconut oil is produced in the country so we will no longer have to be so dependent on imported fuel in the future.
“If we experiment with it now and market it in the right way, coconut oil could become a major source of income for all copra producers in PNG especially if it hits the international markets as a serious replacement for fuel,” Mr Horn said.

Quelle: Post-Courier, 10. Juli 2008

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