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Die Panguna-Mine und die Frauen

September 12, 2008

Ich bin grad auf eine Meldung vom April gestossen, die „Wiedereröffnung“ der gigantischen Panguna-Mine bei Arawa betreffend. Die Eigentümerinnen des Grund und Bodens beschweren sich, dass sie in den Verhandlungen um die Wiedereröffnung der Mine nicht konsultiert werden … .

… As a proxy on behalf of shareholders from the Rio Tinto Ethical Shareholders group, MPI raised issues relating to Freeport and also queried the company’s ongoing majority stake in Bougainville Copper Limited, that operated the Panguna mine that lead to civil war on the small Pacific island.
The Panguna Landowner Association – Women landowners from the mine site who carry the traditional authority over land which is passed matrilineal in Bougainville – have called upon Rio Tinto to ensure that they be consulted at the earliest opportunity regarding future plans for the site- as currently no information is reaching them regarding the company’s plans. Discussions over the mine’s future have proceeded between the Bougainville autonomous government and Rio Tinto’s subsiduary Bougainville Copper LImited (BCL) without any efforts to get the views or include the appropriate and rightful customary owners of the land. MPI conveyed their message directly to BCL’s chair following the formal proceedings of the meeting. …

Quelle: Rio gets a drubbing down-under, von: Mines and Communities

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