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Bio-Sprit als “Income Earner” für PNG

Oktober 28, 2008

“THE Central province is set to become a major producer of an income earning product that can bring in millions of kina from a humble crop known as the cassava.
The 20,000 hectares of land for the cassava bio-fuel project is located along the Magi Highway beginning at Saroakeina and stretching all the way out towards the Launakalana station. There is interest among landowners to extend the project across to the Abau side.
Changhae Tapioka (PNG) Ltd the developer of the multi-million kina cassava bio-fuel project is looking at exporting its first lot of cassava chips to South Korea in the next year to be processed onto ethanol or bio-fuel and the next five years will see the establishment of its own ethanol factory on the cassava estate.”

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Gleichzeitig versucht die Bougainville-Regierung im dünn besiedelten Torokina/Westküste eine riesigen Ölpalmen-Plantage ins Leben zu rufen. Mehrere hundert Jugendliche und Ex-Kämpfer sollten so in Lohn und Brot kommen.

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