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Panguna-Mine revived/wiederbelebt?

Januar 16, 2009

„Bougainvilleans, I will not force mining onto you.“ – Sinngemäss: Bougainvilleer, ich werde ich euch nicht zur Wiedereröffnung der Panguna Mine zwingen. So äusserte sich James Tanis der neue Präsident der Autonomen Region Bougainville in seiner Antrittsrede. Von Herrn Tanis, der noch lange mit dem BRA-Führer Francis Ona ausgehalten hatte, hat wohl auch kaum jemand ausgebreitete Arme für den Bergbaukonzern Rio Tinto und Panguna Copper Ltd erwartet.

An anderer Stelle kann man folgendes lesen:
“He’ll be listening to all views but that there will be no mining in Bougainville unless that is what the people want. That means not only is the Bougainville Resources Development Corporation but also the future of the Bougainville Copper Limited, the Rio Tinto-owned resource development that led to the original conflict back in 1988.”

„Rio Tinto case revived, as new government takes charge“, heisst es dagegen wieder an anderer Stelle. Dabei handelt es such um das Gerichtsverfahren gegen Rio Tinto, nicht die Wiedereröffnung der Mine.
„US court has agreed to re-open a case, lodged several years ago against Rio Tinto, accusing the company of complicity in human rights abuses by the operation of its Panguna copper-gold mine until 1989, and in the horrendous civil war that followed.
Representatives of US the law firm, Hagens Berman, representing Panguna landowners, were expected to arrive in Bougainville last weekend to meet with the new provincial government’s president, James Tanis.
Tanis is himself a former commander of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army, initially formed to fight against the mine in 1988.
Last week, at his inauguration ceremony, Tanis apparently lent support to those Panguna landowners seeking to keep the mine closed.“ (Meldung vom 13. Januar 2009 unter

Hintergrundinfo zur Präsidentschafts-Wahl:
James Tanis elected President of Autonomous Bougainville Government
Posted at 22:53 on 28 December, 2008 UTC
James Tanis has been elected President of the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville.
The former separatist beat 13 other contenders for the post made vacant by the death of Joseph Kabui in June this year.
The Post Courier newspaper reports he was nearly two thousand votes ahead of the second highest polling candidate, former National Government Cabinet Minister, Sam Akoitai.
Mr Tanis finished third in the first election for President for 2005, behind Mr Kabui and former Governor John Momis.
Mr Akoitai says he is happy with the choice of Mr Tanis who he says was instrumental in the peace process.
He has urged the ABG under Mr Tanis’s leadership to prioritise weapons disposal and the referendum which are key issues in the Bougainville peace agreement.
Meanwhile Mr Akoitai says many Bougainvilleans were denied their democratic rights in the poll because their names were not on the common roll.

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