James Tanis on Reconciliation

Januar 2, 2010

James Tanis, der nach dem Tod Kabuis gewählte Präsident Bougainvilles, hat vor  ein paar Jahren einen lesenswerten Artikel über einen – den – prägenden Aspekt der Nachkriegssituation in Bougainville geschrieben. Hier ein Auszug.

Reconciliation: my side of the island – James Tanis (2002)

It was about 3:00 in the morning, yet I could not sleep. This in itself was not unusual – there had been many nights in the past nine years that I had lain awake, waiting for the enemy to strike. But this time it was different. The next day we would reconcile with the Rabaram Villagers from the Moitaka care centre. They were my kinsmen and I had not seen them for many years. Thoughts raced through my mind. Who would be missing? Who would bear the scars of war? How would we all react?

At the set time we met. We had been enemies until a few days ago.  … There was no money, no feasting, no lengthy speeches, no media, and no neutral observers. Just us. It was a day of sorrow and forgiveness, of happiness and hope. Yes, it was the day of reconciliation and unity.

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